Base Camp & Facilities

Cloak Room

A Cloak Room facility will be provided to athletes where they can store their belongings for the duration of the race. We recommend participants to not leave valuables in the cloak room as we shall not be responsible for loss and/or damage to your items.

Event Services Office

Event services office will be your 'go to' place in case of any questions, concerns or grievances with services provided to you. Arrangement for transportation or information about any and everything can be sought from the office, which is at our guest's disposal during its working hours. Media persons may avail this facility to interact with our team, and get more information about the event.

Changing room

Participants will be allowed access to a changing room. Separate changing rooms for men and women will be provided at the base camp.

Mobile Toilets

Mobile toilets will be set up at the base camp and also at selected points on race routes. Participants are required to use only such toilets for relieving themselves at any time during the race.