Vadodara Ultra's terrain is a gruesome mix of hilly trails, rocky flats, and a landscape filled with lush, thorny foliage. But that’s not it! The topography of and around the race course is also filled with simply enthralling historic sites, most of them still in use by royal families, like the Lakshmi Vilas palace in Vadodara. Temples and other ruins dating back thousands of years can be found scattered along the route till Champaner, which is a city that is embellished with its own remarkably well-preserved Hindu and Jain temples as well as centuries old mosques reminiscent of its Muslim Sultanates.

As you proceed further, your race route gradually turns into a heritage race lined with majestic monuments and in the shadow of the pious Pavagadh Hill. On an ordinary day, you can take a ropeway to the top of the Pavagadh Hill, but as a runner you will tread its treacherous slopes and descend back to complete the full circle of your race distance. Wildlife is not much of a threat in the area, but it is always a good idea to watch out for some creepy critters that may lay hidden in your surroundings.