Race Overview

Trail running, as you all know, is an escapade renowned for being, well...'hard to chew'. It is about crossing your own boundaries and facing everything that nature has to throw at you with one goal... surviving. Of course, there is that occasional perk of treading some of history's most revered sites and places. But nonetheless, it's still a game of endurance.

When it comes to Vadoadara Ultra, all runners should expect the same if not more because the race is built around the historic city of Champaner, 45 km away from vibrant and cultural town of Vadodara. Champaner is situated at the foot of the pious Pavagadh Hill, an old pilgrimage site, and was built more than 5 centuries ago. It was also the ancient capital of the state of Gujarat and is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Nestled in such a historic setting, this race venue a mix of a strong heritage roots coupled with muscle crushing terrain. If you are not an expert at ultra running, it will be about pushing your limits and slightly overtaking your fears of the slopes and the steeps. Trail running is an extreme sport, and the experience is always worth the fight. Whether Vadodara Ultra is your first ultra or you want to close our race with a timing record, this terrain fits perfectly into your description of a challenging race ground. Our reconnaissance team has spent about two weeks in and around Champaner with 6-8 non-stop hours each day of running the area and searching for the best (by best we mean not a walk in the park) trails. We talked to the locals who guided us to some awesome internal route (goat trails if you will), which we are sure will add some spice to your ultra running cuisine.

This route is also all about playing in and out of the "rock" called Pavagadh. The hill stands 762 meters above sea level atop which is the ancient temple of Goddess Kali said to have been built between the 10th and 11th century. This hill brutally surges out of the surrounding flat grounds. From the starting line, our trails will gradually lead you to it and get you so close enough to touch its vertical extensions, before ascending up its narrow, steep trails. Remember, there are no roads here, just dirt ridden tracks made naturally by local people or animals. Your quad muscles will probably remember this race for a long time.