Technical Team

Kerav Pathak

In June of 2014, Kerav Pathak was diagnosed with an acute heart condition and had to undergo emergency angioplasty. But that didn't stop him from remaining the athlete that he is today. His resilience is the reason why he is our technical action man and his 'never say never' attitude is what we expect from all participants in all our events.


Vivek Solanki

Vivek joined us after successfully completing Vadodara Ultra's first edition as a participant. Since then he has shown tremendous performance as our trail maker as well as our race communications manager. He continues to prove his mettle both on and off trail exceptionally.


Mehul Joshi

Mehul Joshi is a passionate athlete who believes in the axiom "Don't dream it... Achieve it!" He has managed to achieve significant accomplishments within just a short span of time and continues to contribute to our trail designing process invaluably.