Waste Management

Because we must have the utmost respect for the environment that is our playground, we as organizers have made it our foremost priority to provide a clean, hygienic environment in and around Vadodara to athletes and tourists alike and that’s why this is a zero littering race. We will have zero tolerance for trashing. The minute you enter the race area, you must obey this simple rule: all trash must be put away in proper thrash disposal areas that will be well designated both at start/finish and every aid station all along the course. During the race, any participant seen throwing their litter along the route will be immediately disqualified. Only eco-friendly disposable plates and products will be used or offered to racers by the organizers. Carrying a small pouch for collecting your rubbish is the most practical way of carrying your trash with you during the race. Every runner has to equip themselves with a tumbler (minimum volume of 15 cl) or a bottle or Camelback type of bag so there’s no overuse of plastic glasses. Post race, it will also be ensured that total removal and proper disposal of all garbage from the base camp and the entire trail at the end of the race. We will undertake every measure to ensure that the natural habitat remains untouched and in pristine condition for the wildlife and forest spirits to continue their peaceful existence.