25 Kms

Vadodara Ultra is an UTMB qualifier with 1 point in the 25 kms category awarded by ITRA (International Trail Running Association)

The race will start from one of the bridges bordering a main canal. First 13 kms will be same for both categories and will include scenic, and more or less moderately challenging trails. But be prepared, because as you run further on the trails it will gradually start getting more engaging. You will literally feel the forest closing its grip on you. The first real difficulty will come approximately after the 10 km mark. It's an easy uphill though and will steadily reach 200 meters in height. While running, you'll see nature is everywhere. The trail will now also be more easily identifiable from here on for you. You'll catch up to a riverbed a little further where we recommend you watch out for slippery and wobbly rocks. The last patch of the race loop will lead you back to the main canal where you started from.

The overall terrain of this segment will be a mix of sandy trails, riverbeds, and a lot of picturesque moments worth cherishing all along your run. But with that been said, remember, it is also going to be challenging, owing to the fact that you will be running on changing landscape, with ascends, descends and uneven stretches.

Race Route