55 Kms

Vadodara Ultra is an UTMB qualifier with 2 points in the 55 kms category awarded by ITRA (International Trail Running Association)

Runners of this segment will start with the 25 kms runners. But their real ultra trail journey will begin from 13 km mark. From here on forth, the trails will become denser, and sometimes even darker. We advise you to stick to the main line that is plotted on your GPS. As runners move further, they will reach the point from where the hardest climb of the race will begin. The way up the hill is not dangerous but it is uneven, sometimes steep and some stairs are huge. Looking up, you will slowly discover a heritage site with well preserved remains from the mid 10th century. Once on the upper road, you would be about 370 meters above sea level and from here, you will begin your descent back to civilization. Watch your steps on these slopes as edgy stones will be sticking out and one of them might jab into you if you are not careful.

Once downhill, yet another enthralling historic site will greet you - The majestic remains of Champaner. Entering this old city will feel like travelling through time. After this, it's just another patch of pristine wilderness before you come up on straight and almost perfect trail line. You can take it easy from here on as the difficulties will be behind you.

Now you will just have one more thing to do - go straight and finish your Ultra Trail. Keep your eyes open for the Ajwa Lake Dam. Picturesque as it may be, its straight trails may throw your sense of direction for a toss.

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